We are happy to answer questions about your lease. You should discuss all the issues you have with The Letting Officer. You can view copies of leases below. You can also access a copy of the terms and conditions by reading a copy in our customer centre, Ongo House, High Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6AT. If you need help understanding your agreement, please contact us. Before moving to a new home, all our tenants must sign a lease. The rental agreement is a legal document that details what is expected of you and what you can expect from Yorkshire Housing. They start out as “starter tenants.” If you meet the responsibilities set out in your tenancy agreement, it will take 12 months and then you become an insured tenant. However, if you do not meet your obligations, the start-up lease may be renewed for a further six months, or we may even inform you that you are leaving the building. Your agreement fully explains what this means to you and what happens if you violate the terms and conditions. Your rental agreement is a legal contract between you and us, so it is very important that you have read and understood it. It defines the rules of your lease that you, the people who live with you and the people you visit, you must comply with. These are really important because you could lose your home if you break them.

Your lease will also tell you what our responsibility as an owner is. In order to manage the operation throughout the pandemic, they set up a business continuity plan (BCP). The committee, chaired by the CEO, meets twice a week. The Committee is an opportunity to discuss guidelines and agreements on all aspects of Covid`s risk assessments and subsequent agreements, to plan safe work systems and to evaluate communication. You can get independent advice on your lease. Here are some organizations that provide independent legal advice: If you have problems in using our website, please let it prdept@ongo.co.uk We also welcome people who join our web improvement team to help us check content and navigation, report errors and submit suggestions. You can do it from home. Leave another line to prdept@ongo.co.uk We understand that some of our tenants are vulnerable and have support needs, so we offer some tenants a support rental contract. This means that participation in the necessary assistance will be a condition for their lease. We hope that this will lead to a decrease in antisocial behaviour, property deterioration or property damage, which could result in the loss of the lease.