To keep the university community safe, it is important that every member of the university community is aware of this and that their actions are informed by the health and health recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). The rating agency plays a crucial role in keeping all members of the IU community safe and healthy. All staff, teachers, temporary workers and students must complete their confirmation (either via the online form or on paper) and follow the confirmation instructions. If you don`t, you can`t work on campus or be sent home if you`ve worked on campus before. I recognize here that I participated in the small group that decided to reopen the campuses in the fall and that I am co-responsible for this decision. When our group made this decision, they realized that coronavirus was a deadly and contagious disease, and that large gatherings of people inside the home posed a risk of overpersing the disease. Nevertheless, we decided that these risks could be minimized by establishing social smoothing rules and telling everyone that they had to follow the rules. We recognize that our belief that the rules are followed by a large number of students is not based on evidence of the social sciences, but on a great confidence in our moral authority. We recognize that throughout the state of Indiana, including Bloomington, many people gather without masks and in total disregard of any physical distancing. We also recognize that our campus rules cannot have strength from campus, where thousands of students and thousands of other parts of their days and nights live. And yet, we think it is certain to reopen the campus and welcome students again, because we have adopted new rules. As a member of the group, I herely state that I support this decision and that I will assure the IU Faculty, staff, students, their families and all members of the wider community that the rules will be widely respected, that things will be safe and that the university`s educational mission will continue unimpeded.

And I say that if subjects in the university administration are expected to sign such recognition, decision-makers should also be expected to formally, legally, recognize their responsibility to the risks that the rest of us face by signing a similar statement tailored to their leadership role.