The collective agreement with CUPE Local 386, announced today (Thursday) by the municipality, provides for a 9% wage increase over the next five years: the comparison sets the stage, since neighbouring port coquitlam and Port Moody also negotiate new collective agreements for their unionized employees. These contracts ended on 31 If one of the parties announces it in writing beforehand, this agreement will remain fully in force and effective and no party will change the terms of the agreement (or increase or reduce the wage rate of a worker for whom collective bargaining is conducted or will change another length of employment) until: 900 unionized workers in the City of Coquitlam have a new contract. It was agreed that there would not be a minimum number of hours for the “shut-down” notification. The construction phase agreement does not provide for a preference for positions, the allocation of overtime and/or minimum declarations of change of position. Overtime is 8 hours 15/30 minutes per day and/or 41.25/42.50 hours per week. 19 regular full-time positions 90/10 hours part-time per casual work hours (conditions for construction service in the engineering department`s operating department) 65 regular construction department employees, with the exception of Spare-Trades I/Grade Setter, an additional two (2) weeks loan under the Shut-Down Fund is granted after the use of all “Shut-Down Hours”. The I/Grade Setter replacement workshop, which has been seconded to the construction department, must use its “Shut-Down Hours” when the construction phase is underway and a “Shut-Down” order has been placed. If replacement agent I/Grade Setter has used all “Shut-Down Hours” in his bank, the employee returns to the maintenance team to resume maintenance work. .c) When a worker voluntarily leaves the employer`s service after receiving a refund in accordance with point b), the reimbursement to the employer is made based on the number of months provided and the duration of the insurance. 11.8 Request on schedules “A” and “C” 14 (ii) employees receive eight (8) consecutive hours without loss of pay, unless the call-out has started three (3) hours or less from the departure time of their regularly scheduled position. .

. . When a “shut-down” order is placed, each employee affected by the communication receives his or her regular salary for missed hours, up to eight (8) hours per day, five (5) days per week) from their employment bank. .b) Those who were hired before January 1, 1984 have the opportunity to encounter other positions under this section. People who do not exercise shooting rights are dismissed and retain recall rights. b) When a worker voluntarily leaves the employer`s service within one (1) year after taking the stake, this percentage is fifty per cent (50%) reimbursement of financial assistance received from the employer. b) When a review intends to question a worker for disciplinary purposes, the Board of Directors informs the Union in advance of the subject matter of the investigation so that a business manager or other EU representative can be present at the investigation. In the context of a disciplinary interview, no worker is required to respond to the charges without the presence of a representative of the Union. The number of participants is not limited, but the employer reserves the right to set a budget limit for the amount available for the payment of course fees, and this amount will be available on the basis of the first fees. (d) workers who are declared receive compensation of 50 cents ($0.50) per kilometre if they provide their own vehicle for a maximum payment of $21.00 per call.

(a) unloading for a just reason and will not be reintroduced. If there is no work available for reserved staff in the construction phase, a “work stoppage” is posted.