Going back to the examples above, we find in the first contract that the purchase price is lower than the original selling price. Finally, ASU 2014-11 is also extending advertising obligations for the advertising of financial assets recorded as sales, as well as certain transfers recorded as guaranteed bonds (Abhinetri Velanand, Shahid Shah and Adrian Mills, “FASB makes limited changes to its Guidance Board accountant,” Deloitte Heads Up, June 19, 2014). In the case of transactions or pension agreements marked as sales, information should be provided on the amounts of accounting, the amounts received for the guarantees, the outstanding commitments of the agreement and an explanation of the corresponding amounts recorded on the balance sheet. In addition, bonds issued for all transactions and pension agreements in the form of secured bonds must include disclosure of security, remaining commitments and a risk assessment. An accounting position is indicated in the form of a secured credit and not a “sale” transaction. If the repurchase price is higher than the original selling price and above the market price, the transaction should be considered a financing agreement. Some contracts include a pension contract that allows an entity to buy back the asset for sale. Accounting treatment depends on the nature of the pension contract and the contractual terms. Pension transactions that are considered financial instruments are not within the scope of this article. The rest of this article explains how pension transactions can be taken into account and changes are described in the codification of Accounting Standards (CSA) 605 to CSA 606. From: A Dictionary of Accounting Sales and Retirement Contract “To easily understand pension transactions, we will re-explore the following accounting scheme (financial assets): if the financial value (borrowing) is sold under a pension contract, it cannot be detracted from the books, because the seller retains essentially all the risks and income of the property. On the basis of IFRS 15, the repurchase transaction should be treated as a financing agreement that does not generate revenue.